Daquan Is Back On Twitch

Starting at 2PM PST today, NRG Daquan is making his streaming reappearance on Twitch! This is after nearly a two year span where he was not creating content of any kind. For those who don’t know, NRG Daquan lived in a content creator house for the organization Team Solo-Mid. Him and his gaming partner TSM Hamlinz both lived there and both essentially “ghosted” the esports scene at the same time. In addition to TSM Myth, the three of them had a stranglehold on a large section of Fortnite viewership. Earlier this year, both creators came back to society in the NRG organization’s name on YouTube. You can read more on that using this link here: Daquan And Hamlinz Are Back

NRG Daquan did stream once he got moved into the NRG Thoom house, to show off the entire house. But he has not actually streamed any video gameplay in nearly two years. Today is the day that he is hopping on stream in order to play. He is going to come in and stream a variety of games, which will likely include Fortnite. The Epic Games behemoth was Daquan’s primary game before going dark, so it will be interesting to see what other games he ends up playing. As a result, we could potentially see an influx of viewers on Twitch for each of the games he plays.

Even though he has not streamed regularly on Twitch, he still has a large community (over four million followers) that we can expect to show up. Are you going to tune in? You can using this link here to click into his Twitch channel: NRG Daquan’s Twitch

Now that Daquan back on Twitch, tag us on social media with your favorite part of the stream today: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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