Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC

The reveal for the last 2021 DLC release for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming soon, and the Smash Bros scene can’t wait. There is always speculation as to who the next character will be, but fans sure have their best guesses. Nintendo has done a great job with introducing various characters from their umbrella of games to Super Smash Bros. Going from the classic options like Mario and Pikachu, to Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth and Banjo & Kazooie. With nearly 80 selectable characters under the Smash Bros name, gamers have plenty of choices. As a result, a leak from earlier this year could point to who the newest character will be!

During the summer, an esports leaker brought some information around a reveal date and some game files involved with that reveal. That reveal date has proven to be accurate (October 5th) and this leads fans to believe that the rest of the leak will be accurate as well. This leaker also claims to work for Disney directly as well, which can potentially confirm the validity behind this leaker. They suggest that Nintendo requested the rights for numerous tracks used in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As a fan favorite, Kingdom Hearts combine the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney, where the main character Sora is on his action packed journey. This franchise leads fans on visually stunning campaigns throughout the Disney universe. As a result, Kingdom Hearts has gained significant popularity since the release of Kingdom Hearts Three. If Sora is introduced, be ready for the fanfare and acceptance from the Super Smash Bros scene.

Who do you think about Sora potentially coming to Super Smash Bros? Let us know who you would want to see come to the game on social media: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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