Apex Legends Ranked Grind Begins

With the new split in Apex Legends ranked out now, the hunt for the number one Predator is on. As usual, the main Apex Legends pros are on the prowl and grinding away for that top spot. Names like TSM ImperialHal, NRG Rogue, ItzTimmy and 100T NiceWig are all in the mix. Add a player base of over one hundred million, and you have a loaded server on your hands. As a result, you can expect the competition to be top of the line from the get go. You can read about some changes coming to Apex Legends here: Changes To Apex Legends Are Coming

A challenge that Respawn faces with every update or patch they put into the game, is how easy bugs, glitches and hackers have it. There are consistently new bugs with each new update, especially with new season updates. Cheaters have been in the game at almost every step of the way. With the new split in Ranked now, the cheaters are having a field day. They have been “grinding” for that top spot as well, only doing it in the worst way possible. Because of these cheaters, Respawn has needed to come in and drop the hammer.

As of today, Respawn has drawn a line in the sand. They have come out with a ban wave across Ranked and Public servers. Doing so also opened up a couple of spots in the Apex Legends Predator leaderboard, removing a few known hackers permanently banned from Apex Legends. This is a great move by Respawn, and is one that should be done more often so they can mitigate any potential cheating in Ranked lobbies.

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