Ash Is The New Legend Coming To Apex

There is a new legend coming to Apex Legends when season eleven comes out next month. A new segment of “Stories from the Outlands” talks about this new legend coming to Respawn’s BR. This legend is called Ash, and as of right now is set to take the mainstage from Seer. Seer of course is this season’s new face and some call overpowered legend that saw some nerfing in less than a week. As a result of this, the Apex Legends community has high hopes for this new legend but can expect Ash to be “OP” right out of the gate.

Ash coming to Season 11 in Apex Legends

Tuesday November 2nd is the release date of season eleven in Apex Legends and we will also see the new legend introduced. The little we know about Ash is that she is formerly known as Dr. Reid, but was involved in a terrible operation. This operation left her body riddled with damage, so much so that the only option was to transfer her consciousness into a robot/android shell. After this transfer was complete, a new consciousness came forward to combat Dr. Reid’s mind. Now there is this constant battle for who is driving the car, that is their body and being.

In terms of this new legend and their abilities, there is no confirmation here. There have been some potential “leaks” around this topic though. Browsing through Twitter, you can see some activity around this. The passive ability is “Marked For Death” and shows all death box locations on the map for Ash. The “Arc Ball” tactical ability is similar to Horizon’s ability in the sense that it’s an orb of energy that pulls enemies in. Lastly, the ultimate ability is “Phase Breach” and it allows Ash to “dash and leave a portal.”

With that combination of abilities, it sounds like Bloodhound, Horizon and Wraith are all wrapped up into one new legend! Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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