Is A Scump AR Role In The Works?

You could potentially hear the words “Scump AR role” in the near future! For those who don’t know, Seth “Scump” Abner is notorious for his gameplay on the Call of Duty League circuit for a few years now. During his reign at the top, he is known for using the SMG class of weapon. Primarily and most recently, Scump and the MP5 are synonymous with each other. As a result, you can see his influence in other Warzone players across the game as well.

Something that Scump talks about in one of his recent YouTube videos is that he is in the latter half of his Call of Duty career. Something that he is considering is the potential of switching into an AR role, rather than the SMG category. The SMG’s get you up close and on the front lines in competition, which has always suited Scump and his play style. Moving to an AR would be a sizable change for him, but imagine the damage he can do from further away now! It is a big decision for not just him, but the CDL franchise he plays for as well. There could be some decision making in the near future for Scump’s next CDL season. Something for him to consider as well is how Vanguard will affect the gun play in the CDL. As a result, a Scump AR role could very well be in the cards for the future. You can watch his most recent video using this link here: Scump AR Role?

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