The LAPA SMG Is In Warzone

The newest weapon in Warzone is the LAPA sub-machine gun and it’s already making some waves. Naturally, the Warzone community is desperate to find out how the LAPA smg will hold up against the current meta. You can go back and read up on the current meta in Warzone using this link here: Current Warzone Meta. One big surprise with the meta right now is the the EM2 AR and how powerful it is now. But in terms of the secondary or smg sides of things, you can see a little more variance there. As a result, we might see the LAPA turning some heads out there.

This weapon will likely follow suit, in some fashion, with other Cold War smg’s in terms of gunsmithing. Warzone’s brainiac JGOD has done his due diligence in testing the weapon and thinks it will be a contender. He is able to provide the best loadout possible for this weapon and gives great detail. With movement in mind, Agency Suppressor, 7.9″ Rifled Barrel, STANAG 50 Round Magazine, Tiger Team Spotlight and SAS Combat Stock. The last two attachments are big boost to your mobility in game. If you are looking for more control though, you can replace the Tiger Team Spotlight with a Foregrip and do very well. You can watch JGOD’s video on the weapon here: JGOD’s LAPA SMG

This new Cold War smg is an interesting addition to the weapon offering Warzone has because of the timeline until Vanguard comes out. The newest installment of Call of Duty is set to release early next month and Warzone has been slowly integrating the weapons coming with that game. COD Black Ops: Cold War is on it’s way out after somewhat of a lack luster showing for the Black Ops series. It’s because of this poor showing that gamers are really looking forward to Vanguard.

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