Apex Legends New Map – Tropical Island

The upcoming season of Apex Legends is bringing in loads of new content, including a new map called Tropical Island. This map will be the fourth one introduced in Respawn’s battle royale. This one looks to have a whole new vibe going for it, especially when compared to Olympus. Olympus is the most recent map added and is essentially a hovering, technologically advanced city. As a result, when you look at all that the new season is bringing to the game, the new map is the cherry on top. You can go watch the full trailer using this link here: Apex Legends Tropical Island

Yesterday, Respawn released a four minute long trailer highlighting some of the additions Apex Legends will see. The most obvious observation being the new map has a “tropical” vibe to it. In addition to that, the way the map cosmetically looks is very similar to Fortnite. Even the newest Call of Duty Warzone map is going the “Pacific” route, and is similar to what we see with Tropical Island. This is likely a result of “going with what’s popular” in the industry and trying to do it better than the competition.

In addition to this new map, we see wildlife added to the gameplay on Tropical Island. The trailer shows some of the Legends interacting with various animals, prior to the eventual combat we see. Otherwise, the only real juicy bit of content we get coming from this trailer is the addition of Ash, the newest Legend. You can read more about Ash here: Ash Is The New Legend

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