Fortnite Patch Is Now Live

Late last night, Epic Games brought in the next Fortnite patch to the game and this one is loaded. Fortnitemares is underway with the usual shenanigans we can expect. This patch is helping with the “spooky” or “Halloween” theme, adding specific skins and cosmetics to the item shop. A popular addition is the Batman Who Laughs skin, which comes from a popular DC comic book series. This patch is also adding some significant parts to the current map as well. This will likely spur up the Fortnite community, but some of this content will be very well received.

In addition to these cosmetics, we also see the addition of new weapons and potentially a new POI. The new weapons we see are the Icy Grappler and the Combat Pistol. Just as it sounds, the Icy Grappler is a solid means of mobility. Just like the regular Grappler, you will be shot forward based on where your shot goes. This weapon though will “ice your feet” so that you slide and maintain your momentum going forward. The other weapon being brought back in is the Combat Pistol. This pistol was introduced several seasons back when John Wick (the actual John Wick) was introduced to Fortnite. With the various rarities added to the loot pool, this can be a staple in the loadout options for players this season. These additions also come with a new part to the map, one that has actually been around for several seasons!

The “Redacted Bunker” on the Island has been around for ever but was never an open section of the map gamers can use. Now it has become the “Mountain Base” landmark on the map and will definitely be a hot spot for many gamers. You can find the Mountain Base in the same area on the map as Catty Corner if you travel further north from there. Let us know what you think about this Fortnite Patch by tagging us on social media: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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