Valorant Has A New Agent

There is a new Agent coming to Valorant with the release of Episode Three, Act Three. This Agent’s name is Chamber, the French Sentinel Agent is looking like he will utilize a longer range play style. A Sentinel Agent is known for more of a support role on your team. The Agent Sage for instance, can heal teammates and has options to prevent enemies from being aggressive. Chamber will have a similar repertoire in the sense of supporting his team and slowing the enemies down. The addition of Chamber could shake things up in terms of the meta in Valorant, and it could entirely be because of Chamber’s ability arsenal.

The brief backstory of Chamber is essentially that he is the French version of the Agent Killjoy. Where each Agent’s “theme” is weaponry. His arsenal consists of much more passive abilities when you compare them to any Duelist Agents, like Phoenix and Jet. There are certainly pros and cons to each Agent and which one you choose is really preference based. His abilities will definitely compliment the “strategy” based player or team and will result in a potential meta Agent.

The ability “Headhunter” gives you a a pistol with a higher damage output than any pistol in the shop. “Trademark” is a trap that will slow enemies down once they come close enough. “Rendezvous” is a teleporting ability where you lay down two landmarks that you can teleport between. Chamber’s ultimate ability is “Tour de Force” and it equips you with a heavy hitting sniper rifle that one shots an enemy with any direct hit. Also, killing an enemy with this creates the same slowing ability as the “Trademark” ability. The combination of the new agent’s abilities will definitely wreck havoc in the hands of the better players. As a result, you can expect to see Chamber as the first Agent to go in the selection stage of a match.

The new season of Valorant is coming soon in early November. What do you think about Chamber as the newest addition to Valorant? Tag us on social media if you’ll be using him regularly: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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