Last Chance In Verdansk Warzone Hacker?

Earlier this week was a big money $75,000 Warzone tournament, which is a potential breeding ground for a Warzone hacker. We have seen “Warzone pros” in the past get exposed for their hacks. Most popularly is Pacesetter earlier this year, after he was exposed by Warzone Pro 100T Tommey. This was during a time that Tommey was looking into any allegations himself and collecting evidence regularly. You can go back and read about this using this article here: Detective Tommey

During the Last Chance In Verdansk event, the Warzone Pro known as “Ahzvm” was playing very well leading into the later games. Him and his partner SlideHD_ made a statement by winning the second qualifier into this main event. Continuing with their high level of gameplay, Ahzvm found himself in the Gulag up against the formidable ScummN. Now here is where things got suspicious for the other competitors. Ahzvm full on pre-fired one of the corners in the gulag and killed ScummN rather quickly. After this raised some red flags, he was told to show his Task Manager on stream, which is a common process when accused of hacking. While showing his Task Manager, viewers noticed that it was not displaying on his gaming monitor, which you can see in the camera in the bottom right. At this point in the tournament, Ahzvm is “public enemy #1” and without a doubt a Warzone hacker. You can see the clip that started all of this here: Ahzvm’s Suspicious Gulag

The event would go on to be delayed for over an hour while tournament admins dove into the situation. At the end of it all, he was fully compliant with everything asked of him and cleared of any suspicion during this event. The damage may have been done for this player though, because Ahzvm’s “past” came up as well. The COD community found older clips from his banned account that could look pretty suspicious as well. This instance just goes to show you how serious the topic of hacking is in the COD community. Which makes the COD Vanguard release with it’s anti-cheat even more exciting and foundational. That is if the anti-cheat works as it is supposed to.

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