Vanguard First Impressions

The hype surrounding Call of Duty Vanguard has been through the roof ever since the game was announced. Ever since the world premiere release of Vanguard, the COD community is ready to grind multiplayer. There are very high expectations surrounding this installment of Call of Duty, especially due to the anti-cheat in the game. In less than 24 hours, there are already some glaring pros and cons to the game. We can expect to see this list of pros and cons to grow as the game ages.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Review in Progress - IGN

From the get go, you can see the MP40 SMG and the STG AR as standout meta weapons. These weapons are some of the first ones you receive in the game and are giving players an easy start. This unfortunately might also be a downside to the early stages of Vanguard, as this lowers the skill gap and benefits the average player. The more competitive players in Call of Duty will still see tremendous success with those guns. However the average player now has more of a chance against the better player with those guns immediately in tow. This can lead to a result in an inevitable nerf to these guns later in the Vanguard timeline.

If you watch any of the big name streamers on Twitch or YouTube today, you can see MANY high kill games in the multiplayer gameplay. In a game of Domination you can see players dropping 80+ kill games with relative ease! You can use this link to go watch Warzone Pro Diaz Biffle drop a V2 Rocket: Biffle Drops A Nuke. Something to keep your eyes on are the coming changes to the Vanguard World Records moving forward. The highest kill game records are forever coveted in the Call of Duty community so don’t miss viewing them by watching your favorite streamers. Let us know what your thoughts on Vanguard by tagging us on social media: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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