Vanguard Cheater Is Put On Blast

The newest Call of Duty has been out for less than a week Over the weekend, one of the first big Vanguard Search and Destroy tournaments took place with the first Vanguard cheater on display. This tournament had all the big names in the Call of Duty S&D community participating, like OpTic Scump and his crew. You knew going in that this was a fun night in the making and it certainly paid off for some, others not so much. This tournament will light a fire under the S&D community, but it will also fan the flames of the growing “hacker” conversation.

CoD: Vanguard cheaters run wild as hacks sell for cheap - Dexerto

During the highly viewed event, numerous content creators and CDL pros showed up and showed out from the start. With OpTic headlining the event, you also see some representation from other CDL organizations. Someone that’s familiar with the CDL circuit is pro Shiv. Not to be confused with the Apex Legends pro ShivFPS, Shiv is a CDL style player from this past year. He has mainly made his name during the Cold War rotation of Call of Duty. There had been some suspicion around Shiv in the past, but without conclusive proof. He would end up outing himself when his wall hacks were visible on his monitor webcam footage. Ironically, the monitor cam requirement was made to help combat hackers like Shiv for this specific scenario. Here’s the clip of Shiv using his hacks via his webcam view: Shiv Cheating In Vanguard

This is the first official Vanguard cheater to be outed publicly and Shiv decided take some of his friends down with him. Before admitting to his faults, Shiv listed nearly fifteen other known hackers or cheaters as he deleted his entire social media presence. Needless to say, the RICOCHET anti-cheat can’t get here soon enough. Be sure to let us know by tagging us on social media using this link here: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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