Apex Legends Is Now On Top

Apex Legends has seen plenty of screen time and hype over the last couple of weeks with the new season. You can go read about this using this link here: Storm Point Is Here. With this new season, the obvious new additions to the game are the Legend Ash and the new map, Storm Point. This island theme map is slightly larger than World’s Edge but feels almost smaller with the mobility options there are. Most notably are Gravity Cannons that are all over the map that launch you half way across the map anytime. These are similar looking to a rail gun, but on a much larger scale. The new Legend Ash is contributing to the popularity of the game, as the Legend with the highest pick rate out there. As a result, Apex Legends has seen an uptick in success, which means an uptick in viewership as well.

During the “popular hours” on Twitch, Warzone usually dominates viewership. If you get on Twitch right now, you see Apex Legends taking the top spot among the battle royales. As of 12:00PM PST today, Apex Legends is at nearly 100K viewers and Warzone is less than 70K viewers overall. Now this could potentially change as the week goes on, but this trend is a week in the making. Twitch is tracked in various ways and one of those is overall viewership per game over the last week. Apex comes in as the sixth most viewed game on Twitch over the last seven days, with Warzone not even cracking the top ten games. You can check out these stats using this link here: Twitch Game Stats

With Apex Legends on top for battle royale viewership, do you think it stays there as the season goes on? Let us know by tagging us on social media if Apex Legends will reign supreme in the future: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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