Naruto Is Coming To Fortnite

Naruto is coming to Fortnite next week and it is likely going to be a popular time in the game. Epic Games has done such a great job bringing in appealing cosmetic items for the community. Obviously this is a means to make money for Epic Games, but offering this in a free to play game balances things out. This also gives the players a great opportunity to express themselves in game while they play. This has resulted in thousands of various cosmetics, ranging from the Marvel Universe to customizable NFL team jerseys. There is no shortage of cosmetic options when it comes to Fortnite, that’s for sure.

Fortnite leaker claims Naruto & Dragon Ball crossovers could be coming soon  - Charlie INTEL

Starting all the way back in the first season, the Ghoul Trooper and Renegade Raider skins were eye catchers. So much so that the best players in the game will usually represent those skins, going for an “OG sweat” vibe. Ever since then, the skins have become more realistic and more expansive. Some of them even have a “transformation” aspect to them, essentially changing skins mid game. For example, there was a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde skin that lets you transform by using an emote. Being able to “transform” your Naruto skin mid game would be a tremendous addition. Being able to do that with any anime characters that Epic Games brings in should be the standard. Anime is entirely known for plenty of action and characters leveling up all the time.

Naruto is a prime example of that, given his character has several different times in the show Naruto that he gets a new power and levels up. Another popular anime we see this in is Dragon Ball Z and the protagonist Goku, who also levels up a ton. Will we see more anime in Fortnite now that Naruto is coming to the game? Tag us on social media with what you think is coming next: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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