Scump Is The Solo Yolo Champion

Yesterday, the World Series of Warzone event crowned the Duos Champions and the Solo Yolo Champion. Last year it was a trios event so switching the main event to duos really changes things up. Different strategies and choice of weapons can be different going from trios to duos gameplay. In that trios event we saw Ayden, Rated and Huskerrs take home the title. This year it is Newbz and Huskerrs that took home the main event championship. But what everyone is talking about took place after the main event yesterday. A winner take all solos match took place afterwards, and saw the best players going against each other. It wouldn’t be enough to keep the Call of Duty King at bay, as OpTic Scump took home $100,000 for winning the Solo Yolo event. As a result, COD’s GOAT is seeing a tremendous amount of spotlight.

This Solo Yolo victory is the cherry on top of what is already a “hall of fame” career for Seth “Scump” Abner. Taking home $100,000 all to himself is an absurd prize for playing a video game! Or at least that’s what “outsiders” must believe. It’s impressive he can come in after grinding Vanguard and shut down the top players in Warzone speaks volumes. Just for perspective, he took out Huskerrs and Ayden in the final circle to clinch the title. He took out the top highest earning Warzone players in history and took home every bit of the $100,000 prize. What makes the win even better is that Scump used an “off meta” loadout in this solo customs event.

Before this Solo Yolo victory, Scump had less than $25,000 in earnings from Warzone and now he cracks the top 15 highest earning players in the game. Tag us on social media and let us know what your favorite part about the World Series of Warzone: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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