OpTic Zlaner $100K Warzone Tournament

Over the weekend, OpTic Zlaner hosted his second large Warzone tournament and his first since joining OpTic Gaming. The big green wall has done well adding talent over past years, most notably with the GOAT Seth “Scump” Abner. Most recently though, OpTic Gaming signed BobbyPoff, Teep (for content creation) and then Zlaner for Warzone content creation. This big money tournament caught the attention of the Warzone community and gave a chance for “lower tiered” streamers to play in a tournament like this. Because Zlaner is primarily a Facebook streamer, this tournament required at least one Facebook streamer per team to compete. In the past, people tried to navigate around this by just streaming for the day on Facebook even though they are Twitch streamers. This time around though, you need to have a following on Facebook in order to be considered a “Facebook Streamer”.

This Trios custom lobby event took place across five games dropping into Verdansk and using the Placement Multiplier format as well. If you place 26th or worse, you didn’t receive any multiplier points. Where as the team in first place gets a 2.2x multiplier on their kill total. It is no surprise at all the you can see Aydan and Rated at the top of the leaderboard, with their Facebook teammate GoatClamp. Other names you see in the top ten teams are zColors, Newbz, Ottereyes, Breadman, Tommey, Almond, Destroy and Clutchbelk.

Since they took home the hardware in this tournament, Ayden, Rated and GoatClamp earned over sixteen thousand dollars each. Zlaner, Destroy and Clutchbelk took 4th place overall, citing lack of consistency in each game for their lower finish. Other high profile players like JoeWo, Huskerrs, FaZe Swagg and Booya were all participants but didn’t make the top ten. It’s surprising to see some of the top earning players in Warzone not make the top teams in a tournament. That speaks volumes to the level of play you see in Warzone now. Anyone has a chance to win in these big money tournaments, and OpTic Zlaner wants to give players that chance. Did you tune into the tournament? Tag us on social media using this link here: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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