Secrets Of The Pacific Event

Warzone has released the Secrets of the Pacific event as a sneak peak into the new map coming to Warzone. The event coming off as a similar one that we saw with the release of Black Ops: Cold War. In the previous event, we could see cinematic glimpses of the story behind the changes to Verdansk. Unfortunately this only meant a complete “re-skin” of the map at the time. This time, gamers are given challenges to complete in Verdansk to get their sneak peak. Mainly getting a “Bombers Menace” blueprint for the popular Vanguard weapon the STG. Additionally, gamers are treated to a double experience points weekend and an exclusive Vanguard weapon skin.

This event is monumental to the Warzone community because a new map has been desired since the last COD released. With the new map Caldera set to debut, the Warzone community is finally getting what they want. One thing that gamers should be taking advantage of is the chance to level up all Vanguard weapons this holiday weekend. With all of the double experience points and tokens being offered, getting the overpowered weapons to their max levels is doable. Those weapons are mainly the STG, MP40 and potentially the KAR-98K.

Unfortunately, this new event has caused severe issues for the game of Warzone. The new event in game is causing numerous crashes across their servers. This is an unfortunate turn of events for Activision, given the publicity the company has seen outside of the game of Warzone. Activision needs good publicity of any kind when it comes to their offerings due to their issues in house. We can only hope that this gets fixed sooner than later, as many gamers want to see Caldera as much as possible. Will Activision make the adjustments they need? Let us know on social media by tagging us with your thoughts: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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