Halo Infinite Hacks Are A Problem

Halo Infinite has taken over the esports community since the beta and multiplayer released earlier this month. It is bringing a new breath of fresh air into the gaming space and something that is desperately needed. The multiplayer for Halo released early before the campaign and is free to play. You can read more on the release of Halo Infinite using this link here: Halo Infinite Is Up And Live

This game has now been introduced to the “hacking scene” and it has begun taking over the spotlight for Halo unfortunately. Some of the industries biggest names have ran into their share of hackers already, which some are seeing as writing on the wall. Names like Dr. Disrespect have come out to say that this is potentially a huge issue if it’s not addressed now. “Cheating in Halo is a scary thing to think about. If it gets out of control like Warzone, everyone is gonna question everything, and then it turns into this huge hackusation movement nobody wants.” You can go look at the Two Time’s tweet using this link here: Dr. Disrespect Talking About Hackers

Doc is not the only one who believes this, as other Warzone pros have come across hackers in Halo Infinite. Other players have gone on to say they won’t be sitting through another game of constant online hackers. They are pleading to Microsoft already to get some sort of KERNEL level anti-cheat put up for Halo Infinite. Getting the new RICOCHET anti-cheat up for Warzone will be huge for esports as a whole. Just to get an idea of what hackers look like, use this link here: Halo Infinite Hackers

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