Wraith Bug In Apex Legends

Apex Legends recently came out with the newest season and newest Legend of the game in Ash, but also brought in a “Wraith bug.” Some players say that Ash is overpowered from the word go, and to a point they are correct. Ash’s abilities are rather impressive and similar to that of Wraith’s as well. Mainly having the ability to open a portal and jump to another spot on the map is the ability in question here. Wraith’s “Into the Void” ability allows gamers to back off of a fight and “reset” without taking any damage. The new bug in Apex Legends perpetuates the abilities of both “Void Walkers.” You can read more on Ash using this link here: Apex Is Now On Top.

Wraith looking at Ash in Apex Legends

With the “Into the Void” ability, Wraith can move quicker and not take any damage while she is using the ability. This ability comes at the cost of a cooldown time in order to use the ability again. In the game now though, there is a bug where this ability can be used without needing a cool down. Funny enough, this bug comes with the use of Ash and one of their abilities as well. Ash’s portal ability allows for very quick movement speed getting from one spot to another. Ash’s portal gives Wraith users a “free cooldown” if Wraith is using her own ability and takes Ash’s portal. If Wraith runs from a fight, she can use Ash’s portal to stay immune for twice as long now. This results in a call for Respawn developers to fix this rather large Wraith bug the game is seeing now.

This fix could come as a downer for all the Wraith mains out there, since this certainly helps them out. Having an equally balanced game out there means having balanced options to choose from. Unfortunately, that does not mean keeping this bug around. This will need to be fixed rather soon, before Apex Legends starts becoming unplayable.

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