Drop-in Gaming FAQ (updated 10/19/2020) 


What is Drop-in Gaming?2 

Location restrictions2 

Account Details3 

How do I join Drop-in Gaming so I can start Playing?3 

How do I make a deposit?3 

How do I change account information?3 

How do I change my gamer profile?3 


How do I play a match?4 

How do I challenge someone for a match?4 

What if I cannot find a match I like or want to challenge someone directly?4 

How do I know who my opponents are in the Match?4 

How do I invite someone to a match once I create it?4 


How will I know what are the upcoming tournaments?5 

On banners within the website we will highlight upcoming, special, and qualifying tournaments.  We will also through advertising our sponsored streamers and social media provides updates to all upcoming tournaments.5 

How can I participate in a tournament?5 

I’ve registered for a tournament, what’s next?5 

Bracket Play5 


How do qualifiers work?5 

How to Add Players to a team6 

How to accept team invites6 

Match, brackets, tournament, and qualifiers fees6 



Bracket Play7 

Reporting Results7 

How do I report the score?7 

Option 1:7 

Option 2:7 

What should I do when a problem occurs when reporting the match result?7 

What happens when my opponent reports the wrong match result?7 

Game Play7 

Skill based match making8 

How do I know the rules for each Game?8 


Example for in Game rules:8 


What happens if my opponent or I get disconnected during an online match?9 


No Shows9 

Refunds and Payments9 

Frequently asked questions about: 

What is Drop-in Gaming? 

Drop-In Gaming is the revolutionary platform that brings gamers of all ability and skill levels together, where all gamers have a chance to win large cash prizes through bracket play, matches, and tournaments!  We offer free tournaments to get started but allow everyone a chance to enter to compete for big cash payouts and a chance to play in the Mega Tournaments, for large payouts. 

Location restrictions 

Due to current state laws and restrictions, currently players who reside in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee are not eligible to register or login and cannot receive and/or claim any prizes from Drop-in Gaming. These laws are constantly changing, and we must make sure that we are compliant with local laws.  As new States allow us to provide this platform; we will update our areas of coverage. 

Users are also not allowed to register or login while being on a VPN to bypass state compliance.   If you are blocked and not located in a restricted or unsupported region, please reach out to support@dropingaming.com  or (1-866DROPIN-4/1-866-376-4674)and we will help resolve the issue. 

Account Details 

How do I join Drop-in Gaming so I can start Playing? 

When you go to Dropingaming.com and in the top of the page there is a “join” area and you just click that. Enter your information; validate your email address and then deposit funds and you are ready to start playing.  In your account profile you will want to enter all gamertags for your gaming accounts so that the person you are playing can invite you to the correct matches. 

How do I make a deposit? 

You have a couple areas that you can get into the deposit area. 

  1. At the bottom of any page theirs is a “+” and “-“button if you click the “+” button it will take you to the deposit page. 
  1. In your account profile page, you can see the same “+” button in the upper right part of your profile. 
  1. Once on the deposit page your information should be prepopulated from when you created your account, so you will just need to either enter your debit/credit card information along with the amount you would like to deposit and agree to the terms or select PayPal and go through that process. 

How do I change account information? 

  • Go to your gamer profile by pressing the bottom left icon and then at the top of your profile click “edit account” 
  • Once you click that you will see a drop-down menu and click “my account” when you are on your account from here you can: 
  • Change Password 
  • Change Billing address 
  • Change shipping address 
  • Review your orders 
  • See wallet history 

How do I change my gamer profile? 

  • Go to your gamer profile by pressing the bottom left icon and then at the top of your profile click “edit profile” 
  • Once you click that you will be able to change any of your social media names, gamer tags, or any other profile information you would like to update. 


How do I play a match? 

There may be modifications of the model based on the game: 

  1. Join a match or create a match 
  1. Check and confirm the match rules and settings 
  1. Accept conditions and enter match 
  1. Invite an opponent or wait for someone to join 
  1. Add your opponent as a friend on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC using their Gamertag or Username  
  1. When sending an opponent, a challenge request, you will receive notification once the challenge is accepted 
  1. When joining an existing match from the match list you will receive a notification with your competitors gamertag (see #4) 
  1. Load up the game the match is being played in and enter lobby 
  1. Send a game invite to your opponent 
  1. Start the match 
  1. Complete the match using posted rules (see #2) 
  1. Enter winner in Drop-in Gaming 

How do I challenge someone for a match? 

When you click on the matches tab it will pull up a list of all available matches.  You can enter any of the matches and can sort by price, game, or mode.   

What if I cannot find a match I like or want to challenge someone directly? 

You can create your own match by clicking on the create match button and select the game, type of match and buy-in amount.  Once match is created you can invite the player you would like to challenge by entering their gamer tag for the game being played. 

How do I know who my opponents are in the Match? 

At ‘my matches’ you can see who your opponent(s) is. 

How do I invite someone to a match once I create it? 

When you make the match, click invite on your team or the other team. It also says “start typing any gamer tag” to invite a friend  


How will I know what are the upcoming tournaments? 

On banners within the website we will highlight upcoming, special, and qualifying tournaments.  We will also through advertising our sponsored streamers and social media provides updates to all upcoming tournaments. 

How can I participate in a tournament? 

On the tournaments tab there is a list of available upcoming tournaments. You can select from available tournaments. 

I’ve registered for a tournament, what’s next? 

Now you must wait for the tournament to start at the indicated time. You will have 30 minutes prior to the tournament start time to withdrawal; if you do not withdrawal from the tournament in this time frame, you will lose your buy-in and any fees associated with the tournament. 

Bracket Play 

In the menu, bracket play is an option on the tabs, for people to play.  You can navigate in the menu of Bracket details” to sub menu “groups” and/or “playoffs”. Here you can see the groups and/or the brackets of the playoffs/Where you stand in the bracket play. 


How do qualifiers work? 

The term “qualifier” is a special type of event where the prize pool is made up of Game Tickets instead of cash to qualify for higher level Events. There will usually be a guaranteed number of Tickets up for grabs; if enough players enter the qualifiers, then more Tickets may be added to the pool and become live. The qualifier will play out until there are as many players left in the field as there are Tickets to be won – then the tournament ends, and the winners get their reward. In some qualifiers, there might also be a small cash prize for the last player who gets eliminated. 

These tickets are then used for higher buy-in tournaments or matches.  This is the way to get in with a smaller stake amount risked for a higher payout. 

How to Add Players to a team 

Each Duo, trio and Squad (4v4 -10v 10) team page has a manage roster button that will enable you to invite members to your team. You cannot invite members to a Solos team. 

To get to your team page, click “My Teams” in the right-hand menu and select your team.  

Creating a team directly on a tournament, ladder or challenge will allow you to invite a teammate by their username. 

Players can be removed from your team management page. 

Rosters cannot be changed or substituted after a tournament has started or a match has been scheduled. Please ensure your players are correct when enrolling, posting, or accepting a match. 

How to accept team invites 

To join a team, you must receive a team invite. When you receive an invite, navigate to your team invites page. From there you can accept or deny any team invites. 

Match, brackets, tournament, and qualifiers fees 


Matches are events where it matches a team to play head to head whether it be 1v1, 2v2, etc…, not considered in bracket play or tournaments.  The Entry fee these events is currently 10% on top of the buy-in cost so if the match has a $10.00 buy-in the Entry fee will be $1.00 or 10% of the buy-in. 


Tournaments are events that have a structure usually resulting in 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place and most eliminations.  For these events there is no entry fee but up to 30% is held back from the total prize pool.  *The Prize pool will vary up to the total amount based on amount of entries in the tournament. 

Example – 

$50.00 buy-n 

100 Players 

Buy-in pool is $5,000 – 30% 

1st place $1500.00 

2nd place $500.00 

3rd place $300.00 

Most Eliminations $1200.00 

Bracket Play 

Bracket play are structured events that have usually result in 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place and 4th place.  In some bracket’s places can be paid up to 8 or 16 spots.  For these events there is no entry fee but currently 20% is held back from the total prize pool. The total prize pool will be adjusted based on total amount of teams entered.  A team can be 1 up to the max amount the game will support. 

Example – 

$50.00 buy-n 

100 Players 

Buy-in pool is $5,000 and 30% will be removed from the pool 

1st place $17500.00 

2nd place $1250.00 

3rd place $300.00 

4th place $200.00 

Reporting Results 

How do I report the score? 

Option 1: At the page ‘My matches’ of your profile page you will see the games which should be played in the match you’re participating in. Click on the team icon to report the results of the match. 

Option 2: On the “active matches” page you will find an overview of the game (s) that you have open to play. Press the appropriate (icon) to report the results of the matches. 

What should I do when a problem occurs when reporting the match result? 

If the results are not recorded accurately or there was cheating suspected in the game you can click the dispute button and post video or picture evidence along with written details those results will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on the evidence. 

What happens when my opponent reports the wrong match result? 

If both results do not match you will have 15 minutes to dispute the results post-match; each player will need to upload proof of the match result. The Drop-in gamer Analyst will then decide based on information provided who won the match. 

Game Play 

Skill based match making 

Each player will have a rating that will stay with them based on the cost of event, Win/Loss record, which is an indicator of how good a player is at a game. This will be determined by an algorithm that is contrived from the ELO rating system.  *This will not be at Go-Live but will be added as a feature soon after. 

We do our best to match you with an opponent of equal or similar skill. Players are assigned a skill rating on a scale that will either rate you as Rookie, Gamer, Expert, Elite, & Pro with Pro being the most skilled players. We use a complex algorithm to assess a player’s skill. The algorithm considers a player’s winning percentage, opponent strength, and prize money won, among other factors. A new player’s rank displays as “N/A.” We do not know how good they are yet, but we will assign them a rank after 10 games (whether it be matches, tournaments or bracket play) 

How do I know the rules for each Game? 

Rules will be on the screen before game starts and you have an accept them before you play. 


In all games: You and your opponent may work together to secure kills. “Stealing” your opponent’s kills is allowed and part of the competitive nature. 

Example for in Game rules: 


You or team and your opponent(s) will join the same game based on the team size and compete to score the most kills. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins. 

Kills While Downed: Any kills scored while you are downed count towards your final score. Kills scored after you die do not count towards your final score (e.g. from traps, or someone that you knocked down bleeding out). 

Tiebreaker: If you and your opponent finish the game with the same number of kills, play the match again until one player finishes with more kills than the other. 

Here are the things not allowed: 

– Breaking or purposely weakening any structure that your opponent has built or non-built structures or cover by any means that is actively being used by your opponent. 

– Causing your opponent to miss shots. 

– Building in front of or around your opponent (intentionally preventing movement) 

Common things that are allowed: 

– Attracting other opponents by firing guns around your teammate (opponent) 

– Boxing yourself in around a loot crate or chest. 

– Following your teammate (opponent). 

– Shooting down your own structure and launch pad (if you built them) 

What happens if my opponent or I get disconnected during an online match? 

You are responsible for your connectivity and if you have some reason that you may lose it due to outages, weather, low bandwidth etc… you should not join the match.  In a circumstance where it is out of your control and you do lose connection, we recommend that they communicate with their opponent to figure out a way to finish the match but is not required to be accepted.  At Drop-in Gaming we hope all gamers try to play as fair as possible and think about if the situation was reversed. — i.e. if the disconnection happened at half-time, the match should be completed after one half of the new game. 


Specific game titles allow cross-platform play. PC players may participate in cross-console challenge matches by selecting “PC-Players: Allowed” when posting for a challenge match. PC players cannot enroll or participate in cross-console tournaments for Modern Warfare and MW: Warzone unless specified in the tournament title. 

No Shows  

The no show period for live support matches starts 15 minutes after the match start time. After 15 minutes, contact an Admin through your Match Support using the “No Show” button.  

For ticket matches, if you’re opponent has not shown up or is not appearing, please record their absence (with timestamps) starting five minutes after your reported start time through ten minutes after your reported start time. 

For example, if your match was reported to start at 10pm, you would record from 10:05 – 10:10 

If your opponent is not adding, joining, inviting, or starting, they can be considered a No Show. 

Refunds and Payments 

All matches, tournaments, and brackets vary between paid entry, free entry, utilizing qualifier tickets and sponsored. You can leave a tournament any time before it begins, and your money will be refunded instantly (if it is a paid entry.) 

Once the tournament/brackets start, you will not be eligible for a refund.