Apex Legends 1 Hour Kill Race Rules

Kill Race    

1 Hour Kill Race. Cold cut off 1 hour 15 minutes into the tournament. (This means when the tournament begins you have 1:15 to get your picture proof in before the tournament closes. Example: tournament begins at 1pm you have until 2:15pm to get your games in and submit your photo to discord).  

  • No late submissions will be taken into account for judging and tournament payout will depend on how many players are entered in the tournament.  
  • 1 point per kill.
  • In a solo kill race, you will be joining a trio’s game (non-ranked) and playing for most kills by yourself. (You will have two random teammates because you can’t solo queue, but only your kills will count).   
  • Kill Race Format: (Timed)   
  • The player with the best single game within the allotted timeframe established prior to the start of competition will win. This game must be submitted into our discord, see above.   
  • Each PC Player (controller or keyboard mouse) is required to be streaming so there are no questions about scores and/or suspicious activity. (If your unable to stream please send a detailed note as to why to [email protected])
  • If your team is all console, one player must stream to avoid cheating allegations.  
  • Players MUST SUBMIT PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE INTO THE DROPINGAMING DISCORD CHANNEL (see above), of their single best game to get credit. Teams that fail to upload proof of their best game will be given a 0 for their team total.  
  • Teammate/s who disconnect during the match in a trio kill races will not have their kills counted towards their teams score because their name will not show up on the leaderboard at the end of the game. If you or your teammate/s disconnects during the kill race you can continue the game play and use the photo at the end of the remaining teammates for the team total.


Prize pool is based on registered entrants for each tournament. 
** For 1-5 teams; Top 1 team gets paid and the individual with the most kills** (80% 1st place 20% most kills)
** For 6-10 teams; Top 2 teams get paid and individual with most kills** (50% 1st place, 30% 2nd place, 20% most kills)
** For 11+ teams; Top 3 teams get paid and individual with most kills** (47% 1st place, 27% 2nd place, 19% 3rd, 7% most kills