Boys and Girls Club of America Charity Event

Welcome to the Boys and Girls Club of America Charity Event!

If you would like to donate directly to the Boys and Girls Club of America, you can use the links below:

B&G’s Club Tiltify
B&G’s Club Streamlabs

Please see below for some important details regarding how this event will run.

1. This tournament will be the first tournament on the Boys and Girls Club Partnerships page at all times.
2. All funds raised will be reported on this tournament page. Check in for regular updates.
3. Each participant will need to update their running total throughout the tournament.
Example: Day one you raise $100, you submit $100. Day 2 you raise $150, you submit $250.
4. You must photo evidence of the total amount raised each time you update your amount.
5. We are not responsible for the accuracy of total amount of funds raised.
This is all submitted by the participating player.
6. These totals will be verified following the conclusion of this Boy’s and Girl’s Club event.

If you have any questions, please email