Fall Guys Invitational Rules

Two Hour Crown Race: Tournament will begin at 7:00pm PST and run till 9:00pm PST. For this tournament you will receive points for making it into the finals AND obtaining a crown. You will earn 2 points for getting into the finals, and 5 points for getting a crown. (Example: If 3 members of your team make it to the finals you will earn 6 points. If one of those 3 members earn the crown you will receive another 5 points, totaling to 11 points).

Hard cut off at 9:00pm; If your team is in a game, no more points will be awarded after 9:00pm.

  • Drop-In admins will be in the stream of whichever player on your team is streaming and will keep score of points for the 2 hour time period. 
  • The member/s of your team streaming must toggle on names in game so that Drop-In admins can verify which team members advance to the next round.
  • For any double crown victories, 10 points will be awarded to the team.
  • Team captains will invite their teammates to their lobby and drop in at 7:00pm. Teams will be given a specific color or skin design prior to dropping in.
  • Each PC player (controller or keyboard mouse) is required to be streaming so there are no questions about scores and/or suspicious activity.  
  • If you can’t stream please send us a note as to why (support@dropingaming.com or dropingamingllc on Instagram and Twitter).   
  • If you ever have questions, message us on our discord: https://discord.gg/WRpAeMv 
  • The tournament will be live broadcasted by Dropingaming on Twitch.TV/Dropingaming.  
  • All players must be registered in the tournament to be eligible for prizes. If a player competes without being registered, they will forfeit buy-in, any awarded prizes, and be disqualified.    
  • If a tie occurs after the 2 hours, those teams will play one sudden death game with the same rules from the first hour of the tournament. 
  • Winners will be announced 30-45 minutes after the tournament. If there is any suspicion about cheating, hacking, or fake scorers, final results could take longer and we will notify everyone. 
  • If a player is caught cheating, they will forfeit buy-in, any winnings, and be banned from the website for 2 weeks on first offence. 
  • If this is greater than your first offence, you may be banned from competing in any future events hosted by Drop-In Gaming and subject to further punishment.