Fall Guys Kudos

Tournament Style: Teams will compete against each other in the “Main Show” looking to gain Kudos and advance to the finals. This will be a round robin style tournament where half the field is eliminated after each round.

Requirements: In order to be eligible for the tournament, each team must post at least once on social media before the tournament, tagging Drop-In Gaming on any platform. View any of our socials on our Linktree (linktr.ee/Dropingamingllc). Also, those streaming must put “#Dropingaming” in the title of their stream so we can find you on Twitch. We appreciate your support!

Streaming: At least 1 person is required to stream per team. Note in discord who is streaming for your team.

Scoring: Teams will compete to gain crowns and Kudo points in each round. Kudos are earned by finishing a round fast, near the top of the standings, and scoring more points in team games will give you more kudos.

Where do I find my Kudos? After you have been eliminated and before making it back to the main menu, your player will pop up on the screen with a score next to their character. Those are the Kudo points and need to be captured in a screen shot for your teams score. Note: All team members will add their kudo points together after each game for a team score.

Score Submission: Screenshots from players will need to be taken and sent to verify results in discord https://discord.gg/E8Bn3Dyqsc after each game. Make sure to wear the same outfit for each screen shot. This is up to your team to submit clean, clear, and readable pictures for the mods to view. If any pictures are unreadable we will count that as a 0. No exceptions. When submitting the teams scores after each game, add up your team’s total and we will verify upon submission.

Round 1: Teams will play 3 placement games and after all games have been completed, we will add up all scores and the bottom half of the field will be eliminated based on the team’s overall Kudos. 1-hour time limit.

Round 2: Semifinals: Teams will use the same format as above. After this round we will eliminate half the squads again. 1-hour time limit.

Round 3: Finals! At this point we will be down to only a few squads left and teams will play 4 more games to become Fall Guy Champions. No time limit for finals.

Example: (16 teams start the tournament, half the field would make it to round 2 (8 teams). From there half the field makes the finals (4 teams)).

Disconnections: If anyone from your team disconnects in the first round you may restart. If your team disconnects past the first round, teams must continue to play and use the remaining players for their kudo’s score.

Greifing: Players may grief during the game. In team games, players may NOT work against their own team to intentionally lose. If caught doing this you will be kicked from the tournament and no refund will be given. (Example: Egg scramble: you may not throw eggs out of your own basket to make your team lose).

Hackers: If you spot a hacker in the first round you may restart the game with no penalty. After the first round if a hacker is found teams must play through.