Fall Guys Solo Customs

Skill Bash Custom Tournament

You will be getting into a “Custom Show” game. You have 8 games that you will be submitting scores for on Drop-In Gaming. Payouts are strictly based off wins in the custom lobby. Your first win will reward you $25 with every win after that earning you $5. Example: If you win game 1 and game 2, you will make $30. If you win twice, the player who takes second place during your second win will get the $20.

Private Lobby Code: The custom code needed to play in this tournament will be displayed 5 minutes prior to tournament start time and will displayed on the Drop-In Gaming tournament page within the Fall Guys tournament card.

Results: You do not need to submit your results on the website. Since this is a custom lobby tournament with our admins, we will be validating scores and paying out at the end of the competition.

Streaming: One player per team is recommended to stream. Be sure to put your streamer link in your profile and click that you are streaming when singing up for the tournament. *Please note; anyone who has any suspicion towards them of cheating will be required to stream. It is 100% up to our admins to make a judgement call given the evidence of a cheater. If caught cheating the team will be disqualified and subject to a 30 day ban from Drop-In Gaming.

Social: We encourage each member to post on social media before competition time, tagging Drop-In Gaming on any platform. View any of our socials on our Linktree (linktr.ee/Dropingamingllc). Those streaming must put “#Dropingaming” or “#Skillbash” in the title of their stream so we can find you on Twitch.

If you can’t stream please send us a note as to why (support@dropingaming.com)