Fortnite 2 Hour Kill Race Rules (duos)

You have 2 hours to play and submit your best two games under the tournament you registered for on the Drop-In Gaming website. Example: Tournament begins at 1:00pm you have until 3:00pm to play your games, submit your scores with photo/video evidence. Failure to submit your scores and upload proof (pictures/video) will result in a 0 for your team. You and your duo partner must submit your own replay for your eliminations, with the team score of your kills combined. Example: Game 1, you have 8 eliminations your teammate has 4. You would submit your photo with 8 eliminations on the replay and enter a team score of 12 in the submit score box. Your teammate would submit a photo with their photo of 4 eliminations on the replay and enter a team score of 12 in the submit score box.

Format: Your team will be joining a duos battle royale game and playing for most kills with your teammate.

Scoring: 1 point per kill.
5 points for a win. 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th and 1 point for 5th place.
The team is responsible for submitting scores under the tournament you’re registered for on our site. You must have replays turned on in Fortnite. Screenshots must come from the replays section on the career tab in the main lobby. Being unable to submit screenshots due to a full replay library or corrupt files are at the discretion of the competitors. Other forms of score submissions will not be accepted. We recommend clearing out your replay library prior to the start of the tournament.

Results: The team with the best total score at the end of the time frame will be the winner and announced on the tournament page. If there is a tie both teams will be notified. The tiebreaker is the individual with the most kills on any given team. (If there is a tie after that, the team with the most damage in their submitted games will win).

No late submissions will be taken into account for scoring.

Streaming: All console team; one player is required to stream. PC/PC controller team; one player is required to stream. Confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Please note; anyone who has any suspicion towards them of cheating will be required to stream. It is 100% up to our admins to make a judgement call given the evidence of a cheater. If caught cheating the team will be disqualified and banned from Drop-In Gaming.

Disconnections: Teammate/s who disconnect during the match in a kill race will not have their kills counted towards their teams score because their name will not show up on the leaderboard at the end of the game. If you or your teammate/s disconnects during the kill race you can continue the game play and take a photo at the end of the game with the remaining teammates and have that game count towards your total score.

Social: Each team should post at least once on social media before the tournament, tagging Drop-In Gaming on any platform. View any of our socials on our Linktree ( Also, those streaming put “#Dropingaming” in the title of their stream so we can find you on Twitch.