Gun Fight


Call of Duty Gunfight is a fast paced 1v1 or 2v2 kill the enemy game mode with a small map 40 second per round gameplay. If time runs out, an overtime flag spawns for 10 seconds and if captured, the individual or team wins. 

Individuals and Teams spawn with a pre-determined weapon class that changes every two rounds. Individual or team standing or an overtime flag capture wins the round.

  • Game Rules: To start the match, go into a private match; custom game, select Gunfight. Options should be set at default when creating a match – 40 second timer, 6 wins is a match win, best 6 out of 11 match game play, switch sides every 2 rounds, random guns, and team play.
  • Map options: King, Shipment, Pine, Hill, Showers, Docks, Speedball, Stack, Trench, Gulag Showers, Bazaar. 
  • Hosting team will select a map of their choice. Maps can be played multiple times. 
  • Game Hosting:   Individual or Team who creates the match will host Game 1. (The opponent will join the lobby of the person who made the match) Opposing team will host game 2. If it is tied 1-1 games and teams go into a final game 3, the team with the biggest margin of victory will host the final game.  (Example; a team wins 6-0 vs 6-4. The team that won 6-0 will host the final game. If both teams win 6-0, whoever created the match will host final game) 
  • Winner: The individual or team that wins the best 2 out of 3 matches will be the winner and should submit their victory at
  • Team Selection: In the pre-game lobby, teams will select either Coalition or Allegiance before game play begins. Disconnections: If a player or team is disconnected or lags out during  game play, the game will continue regardless of the score or when a team disconnects.  The last individual or team remaining will be deemed the winner of that round. If the individual or team fails to rejoin, then the remaining individual and/or team will be deemed the winner of the match.  A player or team that lags out  can rejoin the game with no penalty.