Halo FFA Practice Event

Welcome to the G1 Throwback Showdown! ALL participants must be in this server. We will be using this server to make announcements, report scores, and choose which matches will be featured on the broadcast.

SIGN-UP LINK: https://www.dropingaming.com/tournament-category/partnerships/gamersfirst/33/

GAMETYPE: HCS:FFA Slayer This gametype can be found in the 343 Industries gametype list on page 5. It is Battle Rifle starting weapon, Unlimited score, for 15 minutes.

MAP: Overdrive by Red Nomster This map can be found in the custom game lobby by clicking “MAP” -> “POPULAR” -> Click KEYWORD on the right and type “OVERDRIVE” It can also be found at this link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/halo-infinite/ugc/maps/0919ec3e-6abc-4d09-aa49-5797a60472a2

STREAMING: The top 8 finalists in the qualifier and the top 8 finalists in the finals will all be required to either stream or record their POV during the final match. If you choose to stream, we will need the link to the broadcast afterwards. We will have a Google Drive set up to drop your recording if you would prefer to record your gameplay instead. I will be the eyes to look over any “sus” gameplay should any accusations arise. If you are cheating I will know. Do not cheat. Participants are also required to have played a minimum of 40 hours on the account they are playing on according to Halo Tracker.

MARCH 25th QUALIFIER FORMAT: Single Elimination/Top 4 Advance. All participants will be shuffled into lobbies of 8 players each. Some Round 1 lobbies will have less than 8 if we have an uneven number of participants or there is a no-show. Each lobby will play HCS:FFA Slayer on Overdrive. The top 4 in each lobby will advance to the next round. The bottom 4 finishers in the lobby will be eliminated. This will continue until there are only 8 players left. The final 8 will play one last FFA. Top 2 finishers in this lobby will advance to the Finals on March 27th.

TIEBREAKER RULES: In the qualifier, if more than one person tie for kills on the edge of advancing, the tiebreaker will go to least deaths, then most assists, then shots hit. In the finals, if more than one person tie for points on the edge of top 8, the tie breaker will go to most wins, then highest average placing, then most kills.

DISCONNECT/CRASH RULES: If a player disconnects or crashes within the first 30 seconds of the match, then the match will be ended and replayed once the disconnected player(s) have rejoined. If a player disconnects or crashes after 30 seconds have passed, that player must rejoin the lobby and continue playing. Make sure you have the lobby host added as a friend so you can rejoin in case you crash or disconnect.

LOBBY HOSTING RULES: The player whose name is listed first in each round on the bracket page will be responsible for creating the lobby and inviting the other competitors. Use the text chat associated with your round to find the best way to invite each player. The player hosting the lobby must set the correct map and modes listed above, the max player count to 8 (or 9 if there is an observer), and leave the privacy as OPEN in case someone crashes/disconnects and needs to rejoin mid-game.

SCORE REPORTING RULES: Both the host of the lobby and the winner of the lobby will need to take a screenshot of the final scoreboard, showing kills/deaths/assists and placements and post it in the submit-scores text channel in order to advance the top 4 finishers to the next round.

NO-SHOW RULES: After a round is generated, players have 10 minutes to get into the lobby. If a player has been reasonably invited, contacted via Discord DM, etc, and is still not responsive, they will be DQed and the round will be played without them.

*Payment to the winners in the finals will be made from G1. It may take up to 30 days to receive payment.