Magic: The Gathering Arena (Match)

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Match Setup: Direct Challenge, Select Tournament Match, Add Opponent and Start.

Game Winner: Best of 3 games (First to 2 wins). Standard win conditions apply that are utilized by Magic: The Gathering Arena and the platform.

How To Play: The score/submission box will be visible on the match page once the match has started on the Drop-In Gaming website. You will invite your opponent by adding your opponent as a friend on MTG Arena. You can do this by clicking the icon in the bottom left (see 1st photo below). You will find your opponents and their MTG Arena Display Name (with numbers) on the Drop-In Gaming match you are registered for.

Once you have added your opponent, you will invite them to a Direct Challenge. Click on the “Home” tab so that you can see the “crossed-swords” icon in the top right corner of your screen. From there, you must select the “Tournament Match” option for your matchup. Once you have done this, you can enter your opponent’s Display Name in the “Opponent” box and send the match invite out (see 2nd photo below).

Match Play: MTG Arena match will be best of three. First player to 2 wins is the winner of that match.

Score Submissions: The player who depletes their opponents life points or forces their opponent to surrender will be the winner for that game. After your game is played, teams must submit scores. The winning team will receive a score of 1 and the losing team will receive a score of 0. The first player to 2 wins is the winner of the match.

Dispute: If you dispute the match, you have 5 minutes from when the match ends to upload evidence that your team won. All disputes will be reviewed by our gaming analysts to determine the final outcome.

Streaming: We recommend streaming to avoid any cheating allegations. If streaming, confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Players can also post on our community chat with their stream info as well. 

Disconnections: If a player or team is disconnected or lags out during game play, the game will continue regardless of the score or when a team disconnects. The last individual or team remaining will be deemed the winner of that round. If the individual or team fails to rejoin, then the remaining individual and/or team will be deemed the winner of the match.  A player or team that lags out  can rejoin the game with no penalty.

In-Game Glitches: Any in-game glitch used intentionally by a player to give them an advantage, it is at the admin’s discretion to cancel or replay the match; please play your match to completion as the decision will be made after the fact. Proof would need to be clear and evident, you can use In-game captured proof. 

No Shows: If your opponent does not show after 15 minutes that your matchup is created, you will see a “No Show” button populate within your matchup. You have to click into your matchup in the bracket on the tournament page. Use this button to report your opponents as a no show once it becomes available.