Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament

Race Teams: No teams
Items: Normal items
Round Time: N/A
COM: Normal
COM Vehicles: All vehicles
Smart Steering: Smart Steering OK
Time Settings Frequency: Fixed
Race Count: 12 Races
Group Shuffling: Don’t Shuffle
Other Player Rating: Any Rating
Public/Private: Code Required (code will display 5 minutes prior to tournament start time)

Game Requirements: Anti-Cheat no additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

Game Scoring: Tournament will consist of 3 Grand Prixs, each consisting of 4 races for a total of 12 races. Scores are a total of the final scores for each Grand Prix. Game/match lobby code will appear as a clan tag on the Drop-In Gaming site.

Results: Players are required to enter their 3 grand prix details into the DIG site giving them a total at the end.

Cheating: Players caught cheating in anyway will be banned and lose all buy-in/winnings.

Disconnections: If a player/s disconnects it can hurt their chances of winning and impact race results. Those who disconnect will receive 0 points for last place from the race they disconnect from. They will have to re-enter the password they used before to get back into the race.