MLB The Show 20 Rules

  • Teams/Players will join the same lobby and play against each other when playing MLB The Show. 
  • Games in MLB The Show can be set to the following Inning Length:  
  • 9 Inning Game.

“Best Of” Format:  

  • The Team/Player with the most runs by the end of that game will receive One Point. 
  • The Team/Player that wins the majority of games within the established amount of games to be played, is deemed the Winner of the overall Match between Teams/Players. 
  •  Disconnection: In the event of a disconnection, you and your opponent must restart and finish the game. If a player disconnects past the 6th inning, the game will considred complete and the person left in the game will be awared the win regardless of score.
  • If a play discconeted before the 6th inning, players will re-connect and use the same score to complete the game. (if it were 2-1 in the 4th inning, you would restart using the same score and play untill the 5th innning making it a full 9 inning game.)
  • Game Rules
    Hitting: All-Star
    Pitching: All-Star
    Guess Pitch: Off
    Quick Counts: Off
    Strike Zone: On
    Balks: Off
    Umpire Balls And Strikes: Variable
    Ejections: On
    Injuries: Off