PGA 2K21 Rules

 In a 1v1 lobby, one player will be host, and the other player will join the host’s lobby. 

Matches on PGA can be set to the following lengths: 

  • 18 holes 
  • Course has to be on PGA approved. (No custom course unless agreed upon by both party members) 
  • The winner will be the one will the LOWEST score after 18 holes.  

Tie Breaker 

If the score is tied after 18 holes, you will play the same course for 9 holes (front 9) and the person with the lower score after 9 will be the winner. If the score is still tied, continue to play until someone breaks the tie and wins. 

  1. The host must click “Create Private Match” Which is located under “PLAY NOW” on the home page  
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab in the middle of the screen 
  3. Under “FORMAT” click on “Stroke”  
  4. Go over to the “RULES” tab 
  5. On the “RULES” tab, set the Tees to longest yards marker, Pins to 2, Round length to Full course, and Handicapped Scoring Off. 
  6. Under the “CONDITIONS” tab and leave everything at default with crowds on 
  7. Under “DIFFICULTY” tab 
  • Swing Difficulty “PRO”  
  • Swing Timing “ON” 
  • Distance Control Meter “ON” 
  • Distance Control Assist “ON” 
  • Putt Preview “0” 
  • Course Yardage “ON” 
  • Pro Vision: Wind “Off” 
  • Pro Vision: Lie Penalty “OFF”  
  • Pro Vision: Lie Angle “ON”  
  • Pro Vision: Elevation “Off” 
  • Pro Vision: True Shot “ON”  
  • Pro Vision: Trajectory “Aim Only” 
  • Scout Camera “ON” 
  • Lie Grid “OFF” 
  • Green Grid “On” 
  • Pin Preference “IN” 
  • Aim Marker “ON  
  • Wind Display “Wind Speed 
  • Distance Display “Carry” 


*If a player disconnects after 1 hole, the match will be scored as complete and the person still in the lobby will be given the win regardless of the score of the match. 

*If a player/s disconnect before finishing 1 hole, a replay will be in order and the game will re-start using the same rules as if it were a new match. 

*Proof of the scores must be uploaded into Drop-In Gaming.