PUBG Solo Kill Race: Erangel

You have 90 minutes to play and submit your best single game under the tournament you registered for on the Drop-In Gaming website. Example: tournament begins at 1:00pm you have until 2:30pm to play your games, submit your scores with photo/video evidence. You must have the clan tag provided by Drop-In Gaming in your clan tag on PUBG. The clan tag will appear on the tournament page you’re registered for 5 minutes before the start time. Failure to submit your scores and upload proof (pictures/video) will result in a score of 0.

Format: You will be joining a Solos battle royale game and playing for most kills and placement

Map: Players will play on Erangel.

Scoring: 1 point per kill.
5 points for a win. 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th and 1 for 5th place.
You are responsible for submitting scores under the tournament you’re registered for on the Drop-In Gaming website.

Results: The player with the best total score at the end of the time frame will be the winner and announced on the tournament page. If there is a tie both players will be notified. The tiebreaker is the individual with the most kills on any given team. (If there is a tie after that, the player with the most damage in their submitted games will win).
No late submissions will be taken into account for scoring.

Streaming: All console team; one player is required to stream. PC/PC controller team; one player is required to stream. Confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Please note; anyone who has any suspicion towards them of cheating will be required to stream. It is 100% up to our admins to make a judgement call given the evidence of a cheater. If caught cheating the team will be disqualified and banned from Drop-In Gaming.

Social: Each team should post at least once on social media before the tournament, tagging Drop-In Gaming on any platform. View any of our socials on our Linktree ( Also, those streaming put “#Dropingaming” in the title of their stream so we can find you on Twitch.