Rebirth Island Kill Race Tournament K/D Cap 7

Trio Kill Race:

Teams have up to 7 hours to play and submit their 5 highest kill games. Teams’ total K/D cannot exceed 7.0. Example: Tournament begins at 3:00pm, you have until 10:00pm to play/submit your scores with photo/video evidence. Teams do not have to play for the full 7 hours, they are only required to submit 5 scores in the allotted time. Failure to submit your scores and upload proof (pictures/video) will result in a 0 for your team.

Requirements: In order to be eligible for the tournament, each team must post at least once on social media before the tournament, tagging Drop-In Gaming on any platform. View any of our socials on our Linktree ( Also, those streaming must put “#Dropingaming” in the title of their stream so we can find you on Twitch.

Format: Trios kill race, you will be joining a trios battle royale Rebirth Island game, playing for most kills with your teammates. Cross Platform must be turned on. 

Scoring: 1 point per kill.
An extra 3 points will be added to teams’ scores if they get at least 25 kills in a game. Example: Your team gets 26 kills so you get an extra 3 points, giving your team a total of 29 points for that game.
The team captain is responsible for submitting your teams scores under the tournament you’re registered for on the Drop-In Gaming website.

Results: The team with the highest total score at the end of the time frame will be the winner and announced on the tournament page. No late submissions will be taken into account for scoring.

Tiebreaker: Whichever team has the highest damage in a single game. Example: If team A and team B are tied and team A has a single game total damage of 12,000 and team B has a single game total damage of 14,000 then team B wins the tie breaker and will be awarded the winner.

Streaming: All console team; one player is required to stream.
PC/PC controller team; one player is required to stream. *Please note; anyone who has any suspicion towards them of cheating will be required to stream. It is 100% up to our admins to make a judgement call given the evidence of a cheater. If caught cheating the team will be disqualified and subject to a 30 day ban from Drop-In Gaming.

Disconnections: Teammate/s who disconnect during the match in a trio kill race should pull their game from COD Tracker in order to claim the disconnected player’s kills in their game. If the game is not able to be taken from COD Tracker, the disconnected player/s kills will not be counted.

If you can’t stream please send us a note as to why ([email protected])