Rocket League 2v2 SE (Gold)

Game Setup: Add your opponent as an Epic Games friend. Click play, custom games, create private match.
Game: Soccer
Arena: Random (Standard Only)
Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Region: Recommended
Joinable By: Party Only
Time: Standard 5 minute match
Team Settings: Default (you can add a team name)
Mutator Settings: Nothing will be changed here. If something is changed on this, it will result in a loss and ban.
Create Match

This bracket is a single elimination bracket

The hosting team must ensure that all the settings are correct. If any setting is incorrect, then the hosting team will risk forfeiting the match as long as the proper proof is supplied of the incorrect settings. 

*If you try to join the tournament as a solo player, you will be ineligible to play.

Player Rankings: Players must have a reward level of gold or lower. Players who are above gold or on a “smurf” account will be disqualified from this tournament and will forfeit any buy-in or winnings. Players may be asked to show proof of their ranking. You can check your reward level on

How To Play: Your team and your opponents will join the same private lobby. You will find your opponent and their Epic Games username on the Drop-In Gaming bracket. The team with the most goals at the end of the game will be the winner. In order to move forward in that bracket you must beat your opponents in a best of 3 series.

Score Submissions: After each match is played, players must submit scores. In this single elimination bracket the team who wins the best of 3 series will be the team that moves forward in the bracket.

No Shows: If your opponent does not show after 15 minutes that your matchup is created, you will see a “No Show” button populate within your matchup. You have to click into your matchup in the bracket on the tournament page. Use this button to report your opponents as a no show once it becomes available.

Dispute: If you dispute the match, you have 5 minutes from when the match ends to upload evidence that your team won. All disputes will be reviewed by our gaming analysts to determine the final outcome.

Bracket: In this bracket, all of your games will be a best of 3. If you lose you will be eliminated from the tournament.

Streaming: We recommend streaming to avoid any cheating allegations. If streaming, confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Players can also post in community chat with their stream info as well. 

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Ties/Overtime: In the event of a tie in the first play through, golden goal will be the next course of action. The team that wins golden goal will win the game. 

Lag: If unplayable lag occurs, capture full proof of this lag, including how it affected your gameplay. At the end of the match, you can dispute the match and submit proof to the necessary support type. The administrator will decide whether or not it had an effect on your match based on the proof supplied. After reviewing this, our administrators will make the call on whether or not the match is to be replayed or cancelled. 

Disconnection: In the event of a disconnection, you and your opponent must restart and finish the remaining time of the match, keeping the score the same as it was in the game that got disconnected. If the user disconnected 3 minutes into the match, then the match will restart and you will play for 2 more minutes. There will be a maximum of 2 restarts.

In-Game Glitches: Any in-game glitch used intentionally by a player to give them an advantage, it is at the admin’s discretion to cancel or replay the match; please play your match to completion as the decision will be made after the fact. Proof would need to be clear and evident, you can use In-game captured proof. Play Brackets Here