Rocket League Rules

Match Options: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 

  • Teams/Players will join the same lobby and play against each other in a best of 1 match. 
  • Team A will host the match and invite other players to their lobby. 
  • The Team/Player with the most goals by the end of that match will receive the win 

Game Rules: 

  • Game Mode: Soccer 
  • Arena: (DFH Stadium ((Day, Stormy, Normal)), Mannfield, Champions field, Urban central, Beckwith Park, Utopia Coliseum, Wasteland, Neo Tokyo, AquaDome, Starbase, SaltyShores, Farmstead, Forbidden Temple.) Are all acceptable 
  • Region: Recommended 
  • Time: Standard 5 minute Match 
  • Team Settings: Default 
  • Mutator Settings: Nothing will be changed here. If something is changed this will result in an loss and Ban. 


  • If a player disconnects after 1 min of game play, the game will be considered complete and the team in the game will be given the win regardless of score. 
  • If a player/players disconnect before 60 seconds, the game will be replayed assuming the same score and continuing the match. At the end of the game, players will add the score of the current game and disconnect game and determine the winner. 
  • We suggest streaming your gameplay and submitting video clips, as this is the best way to show proof during the match. (If playing on PC, all players must be streaming.) 
  • Any dispute will be interpreted by our analyst team.