Valorant Round Robin Best of 3

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Match Format: Best of 3 series.
Game Setup: Click play, custom game.
Map: The team that is mentioned in the match up first will host and choose the map. (Any map may be played). Example: “Team A vs. Team B – Team A is host.
Server: The team that is on the top of the bracket match up will choose their server.
Allow Cheats: Off
Tournament Mode: Off
Overtime: Win By Two: On
Play Out All Rounds: Off
Hide Match History: Off
Game Winner: Standard win conditions apply. Following rules used in regulation NACE competitions.

The hosting team must ensure that all the settings are correct. If any setting is incorrect, then the hosting team will risk forfeiting the match as long as the proper proof is supplied of the incorrect settings. 

How To Play: Your team and your opponents will join the same custom game private lobby as a squad (5v5) and compete to be the first team to 13 rounds. After each game, record your score on the Drop-In Gaming match. Players will play one series to 13 rounds and the winner will be the first team to 13. You must win by 2 rounds in order to be the champion of the series. Example: If one team is up 13-12 that game is not over. The players must keep playing sudden death rounds until one team wins by 2 rounds.

Score Submissions: After your series is played, teams must submit scores. Please record your in game score when reporting to the website. Example: If your team wins 13-11, please enter your score as 13. At the end of the match, both teams are required to enter who the winner of the series was. Once a winning team is selected you will be notified your team won. Failing to pick a winner at the end of your match can result in a penalty from Drop-In Gaming.

Dispute: If you dispute the match, you have 5 minutes from when the match ends to upload evidence that your team won. All disputes will be reviewed by our gaming analysts to determine the final outcome.

Streaming: We recommend streaming to avoid any cheating allegations. If streaming, confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Players can also post in community chat with their stream info as well. 

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Disconnections: If a player or team is disconnected or lags out during game play, the game will continue regardless of the score or when a team disconnects. The last individual or team remaining will be deemed the winner of that round. If the individual or team fails to rejoin, then the remaining individual and/or team will be deemed the winner of the match.  A player or team that lags out  can rejoin the game with no penalty.

In-Game Glitches: Any in-game glitch used intentionally by a player to give them an advantage, it is at the admin’s discretion to cancel or replay the match; please play your match to completion as the decision will be made after the fact. Proof would need to be clear and evident, you can use In-game captured proof. 

No Shows: A team has 15 minutes post competition start time to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match.
Failure to do so will result in a forefeit of the match. If you recieve a no-show win, you must email with evidence of the no-show.