Vanguard S&D Bracket Rules

*If you try to join the tournament as a solo player, you will be ineligible to play. You must have a full team in order to join and play. 

How To Play: Your team and your opponents will join the same lobby and create a custom game. In the custom game the host will select Search and Destroy, then select CDL Search and Destroy

Game Hosting: Matches will be a best of 3 series. Team A will host match 1, Team B will host match 2. If your best of 3 series is tied 1-1 then you will play a 3rd game to determine a winner. The team with the biggest margin of victory in either of the first two games will host the final game. (Example, Team A win 6-3 game one. Team B wins 6-5 game two. Team A will host the final game).

Score Submissions: After each match is played in a best of 3 series, teams must submit scores. If a team wins 2 matches in the series, that team moves on in the bracket.

Dispute: If you dispute the match, you have 5 minutes from when the match ends to upload evidence that your team won. All disputes will be reviewed by our gaming analysts to determine the final outcome.

In-Game Glitches: Any in-game glitch used intentionally by a player to give them an advantage, is at the admin’s discretion to cancel or replay the match; please play your match to completion as the decision will be made after the fact. Proof would need to be clear and evident, you can use in-game captured proof.

Map Selection: Whichever team is hosting will pick the map for their game. If the score is tied 1-1 and teams play a 3rd game, the host chooses the map. Teams can use maps multiple times.

Map Options: Berlin, Bocage, Castle, Demyansk, Eagle’s Nest, Gavutu, Tuscan or Redstar.

Loading in: To ensure all players load into the game before it starts, go to edit game rules > settings > game play > pre match requirements > change limit to number of players per team. (Example: In a 2v2 change the limit to 2 players. Take the same actions in a 3v3, 4v4 etc.)

Disconnections: If a player/s disconnects before the first kill, the host needs to end the game and restart. If a player/s lags out or disconnects after the first kill, the round must be finished out. The team who’s short a player should re-invite the disconnected player to finish the game.

Lag: If unplayable lag occurs, capture full proof of this lag, including how it affected your gameplay. At the end of the match, you can dispute the match and submit proof to the necessary support type. The administrator will decide whether or not it had an effect on your match based on the proof supplied. After reviewing this, our administrators will make the call on whether or not the match is to be replayed or cancelled. 

My teammate can’t reconnect: If your teammate is unable to re-connect to the game, the disconnected player must show proof and submit the information to their match on the Drop-In Gaming website, as well as Teams will finish out the game regardless of the disconnection and the DIG team will review the video/photo evidence of the inability to re-connect and reach out to the host about a potential re-play.

No Shows: A team has 5 minutes post competition start time to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the match. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches. 

Game Rules: Use standard Vanguard CDL game rules.

Restrictions: Standard CDL game rules. Any changes made to these rules will result in an automatic forfeit.

Weapon restrictions: All LMG’s, all tactical rifles, all shotguns, all launchers, and Combat Shield.

Attachment Restrictions: (Magazine) All AR types, (Muzzle) Mercury Silencer, MX Silencer, (Scope) MK.12 Night Vision, (Ammo Type) Subsonic, Frangible, Incendiary.

Score Streaks: Intel, Care Package, Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, Mortar Bridge, War Machine, Guard dog, Death Machine, Emergency Drop, Flamenaut, Attack Dogs, Fire Bombing Run, Local Informants

Restricted Perks:
Perk 1: Ghost, Dauntless
Perk 2: Tracker, High Alert, Forward Intel, Piercing Vision
Perk 3: Demolition, Overkill, Tactician

Restricted Lethals: Throwing Knife, Thermite, Demolition Charge, Molotov Cocktail

Restricted Tacticals: Stim, Decoy Grenade, S-Mine 44, MK V Gas

Restricted Field Upgrades: Tactical Insertion, Goliath, Jammer, Armor Plates, Field Mic, Dead Drop, Deployable Cover

Streaming: We recommend streaming to avoid any cheating allegations. If streaming, confirm “Streaming” when creating your team on the given competition. Players can also post in community chat with their stream info as well. 

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