Warzone Solo Killrace

Solo Battle Royale: 1 hour timed kill race. Cold cut off 1 hour 15 minutes into the tournament. (This means if you start at 7:30pm pst, the last chance you have to submit a picture of your highest kill games will be at 8:45pm pst.)

  • No late submissions will be taken into account for judging! Tournament payout will depend on how many players are entered in the tournament. Players will Drop-In at tournament time and have 1:15 hours to submit their best one game. To submit game and name including Activision account and player stream, go into our   https://discord.gg/vT3ggYCzDF 
  • Players will pick BR-Solo and Drop-In at tournament time.
  • Each PC player (controller or keyboard mouse) is required to be streaming so there are no questions about scores and/or suspicious activity. 
  • If you can’t stream please send us a note as to why. ([email protected] or dropingamingllc on Instagram and Twitter) 
  • Player must have the tournament tag in their clan tag in order for games to count. The tournament tag will be announced through discord and social media 5 minutes prior to each tournament starting. 
  • Each buy-in will have their own unique clan tag associated to the tournament.    
  • Players are responsible for keeping track of time and submitting scores.   
  • Images must be clear and visible. If an image is blurry it will be up to our support team to determine the result of the match.  
  • All players must be registered in the tournament to be eligible for prizes.
  • If a player competes without being registered, they will forfeit buy-in, any awarded prizes, and be disqualified.    
  • Players must be submitted into our discord under the correct tournament and buy-in channel.  
  • Once matches have started, if the player disconnects, they can submit the score of the kills they had before disconnecting. 
  • Scores will be verified via COD Tracker to ensure each game’s validity. 
  • 1 point awarded per kill when picture is submitted.   
    Placement Points:
  • 10 points for 1st place 
  • 8 points for 2nd place 
  • 6 points for 3rd place 
  • 4 points for 4th place 
  • 2 points for 5th place 
  • If a tie occurs, the winner will be the player with greatest total damage for their 2 games will win. (Total damage calculated by adding up damage from both submitted games)  
  • Cross Platform must be turned on.  
  • Winners will be announced 30-45 minutes after the tournament. If there is any suspicion about cheating, hacking, or fake scorers, final results could take longer and we will notify everyone. 
  • If a player is caught cheating, they will forfeit buy-in, any winnings, and be banned from the website for 2 weeks on first offence. 
  • If this is greater than your first offence, you may be banned from competing in any future events hosted by Drop-In Gaming and subject to further punishment. 


Prize pool is based on registered entrants for each tournament.  
** For 1-5 teams; Top 1 team gets paid and the individual with the most kills** (80% 1st place 20% most kills) 
** For 6-10 teams; Top 2 teams get paid and individual with most kills** (50% 1st place, 30%    2nd place, 20% most kills) 
** For 11+ teams; Top 3 teams get paid and individual with most kills** (47% 1st place, 27% 2nd place, 19% 3rd, 7% most kills)