Warzone Survival

How To Play: Your team and your opponents will join the same Battle Royale game as a squad (2v2) or duo (1v1) and compete to survive the longest. The last person/team alive will be the winner of that game. Players will play 1 game in a “best of 1” series, or play up to 3 games in a “best of 3 series. In a “best of 1” series, the player that survives the longest in 1 game will be the winner.

If it’s a “best of 3” series, the player/s that survives the longest in 2 games will be the winner. If the score is tied after 2 games, teams will play a 3rd game to determine the winner.

Players who make it back into the game with Gulag, Team Revive (2v2) or Self Revive can continue playing as normal. You can not remove your party from the match until all players have confirmed deaths (after Gulag), otherwise your team will forfeit the game.

Game Hosting: Team A will host the match. If your series is a “best of 3” Team A will host match 1, Team B will host match 2. If your “best of 3” series is tied 1-1 then you will play a 3rd game to determine a winner. The individual (1v1 matches), or team (2v2) with the most kills in either of the first two games will host the final game. (Example, Team A has 12 kills game one and 0 game two. Team B has 6 kills game one and 6 game two. Team A will host the final game).

Jailbreaks: If a jailbreak occurs, you must fall to the ground and die. You are not allowed to continue as normal after a jailbreak. If caught doing this, your team will forfeit that game.

Interference & Obstruction: You are not allowed to intentionally interfere with your opponents attempts to move around the map. Additionally, spamming location pings/marking locations while your team is out to distract your opponent is not allowed and will result in an automatic forfeit. 

Lag: After boarding the plane/bus, any complaints about lag or disconnecting issues will not be taken into consideration. 

Disconnection: If a player/s disconnects from the game during the warm-up period (pre-game lobby), the game must be replayed. Players will back out to the lobby and restart the game. If a player disconnects during play, it will be treated as a death.

Dispute: If you dispute the rules, you have 15 minutes from when the game ends to upload evidence that your team won. All disputes will be reviewed by our gaming analysts to determine the final outcome. Please allow up to 24 hours for a final score to be reported. If there is a dispute about cheating, it is 100% up to Drop-In Gaming to decide the outcome of the match.

No Shows: A team has 15 minutes post competition start time to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match.
Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the match. If you receive a no-show win, you must email [email protected] with evidence of the no-show.